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A Day of Mindfulness

On this page you will find:
  • A Description of the One & Two Day Mindfulness Training Sessions for the 
    • General Public
    • Health Care Professionals
    • Leaders and Executives, as well as industry workers
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Training Description:

This training consists of one or two full days of mindfulness training.  This training is also based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), as taught by Dr. Kabat-Zinn. 

These two days are often set up for differing audiences.  For example, for the general public, healthcare professionals, or leaders and executives.

General Public: This is a more intensive introduction to MBSR, but it basically follows the same tenants.  Attending for two full days is attractive to some individuals as it fits more easily into their schedule. Those who have attended similar programs have reported: 
  • Increased relaxation and ability to cope with stress
  • A greater personal sense of calm and peace
  • Improved confidence
  • Increases in concentration and focus
  • Reduced symptoms associated with depression and anxiety 
  • Personal insight and growth
2) Healthcare Professionals: This is designed for healthcare professionals who wish to learn more about mindfulness. Through this experiential training, attendees may explore their own understanding of mindfulness, as well as consider how their  of clients might benefit from bringing mindfulness into their everyday lives.    

Some concepts that are introduced during this one-day training:
  • Creating an atmosphere of learning that makes observing ones’ life mindfully  a challenging adventure, rather than a duty or one more requirement to be ‘healthy’
  • Emphasizing participants motivation, involvement, and tenacity in bringing mindfulness into their daily lives
  •  Highlighting lifestyle changes that are required when learning mindfulness, including initial homework 
  • Awakening to ones’ own life by making each moment of count, by purposefully bringing   it into conscious awareness
  • Adopting a teaching and educating stance, rather than a therapeutic       orientation, that is, bringing a community of support and acceptance to   clients as they learn to cope and adapt.  
  • Guiding clients to their own, inherent abilities, rather than ‘fixing’ them.                                                                                                                                  Discovering & Developing your own Vital Life Path
  • Noting the courage to engage with the world mindfully
  • Therapists attending this session will recognize, through experiential training, that to pro-actively respond to situations, people and circumstances, instead of reacting automatically, a person must be able to:
    • attend (to be fully aware )
    • recognize ones’ own patterns of reacting
    •  understand ones’ self
    • and interactively put it all together in the form of actions
3) Leaders and Executives, as well as Industry Workers:  This training can be designed for leaders and executives, as well as for industry workers.  The goal is to create the ability to recognize thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations and to use them to inform us when we are caught in immediate, thoughtless reactivity so we can begin to bring clarity to decision making and work performance through specifically chosen responses.  In addition, attendees learn to gain control and composure through 'tactical breathing' techniques.  Attendees may gain:
  • Increased calm and composure
  • Increased creativity and 'thinking outside the box'
  • Improved sense of worth and benefit to the company and the community
  • Better 'mind organization and clarity' to accomplish tasks and goals
  • Improved memory, learning, and ability to focus attention
  • All benefits shown above for the 'general public'
    • Increased relaxation and ability to cope with stress
    • A greater personal sense of calm and peace
    • Improved confidence
    • Increases in concentration and focus
    • Reduced symptoms associated with depression and anxiety 
    • Personal insight and growth

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    At this time, one-day training sessions are scheduled by request. 
    Please contact us at
    vitalifeinsight@gmail.com or genergo@gmail.com or by calling 210-391-8000. 

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Is this class a lecture class or is it 'hands-on'?

Answer:  All classes are experiential, in that it first allows the attendee to become mindful themselves and to explore what the practice of mindfulness can introduce into their own lives at home or at work.  Only through one's own understanding of mindfulness, can it be brought to effective use with clients, patients, co-workers, subordinates, or customers.  The class also introduces the attendee to the concepts of mindfulness, allows one to learn and practice meditation techniques, and introduces some of the research literature on the effectiveness of mindfulness. Most importantly, the attendee tries and then practices various forms of meditation with an emphasis on being mindful during the meditations...this is the first step (practicing mindfulness meditation) to bringing mindfulness into everyday life.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) of San Antonio

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