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Class Description

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Class Description: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction - MBSR

The 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction course (MBSR) is modeled after the program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and his associates at
at the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Stress Reduction Clinic.  The course consists of eight weekly classes of ~2 hrs, and one day-long silent retreat.  The day long retreat typically occurs between classes six and seven.  
Homework is considered to be part of the class and takes 45 to 60 minutes a day.
 While it may see like a big investment, the practice has the power to change your life.

During class, participation will include:

·         Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation 
      (sitting, walking, and activity-based meditations)

·         Gentle stretching and mindful movement

·         Guided dialogue/discussions 

·         Carefully selected interactive activities

·         Homework assignments

The MBSR curriculum has been honed during the 30 years it has been offered at the UMASS stress reduction clinic.  It is designed to teach participants how to integrate mindfulness into their everyday lives.  The approach is experiential, in that participants learn mindfulness-based techniques which should serve them long after completion of the class.

MBSR (and Dr. Kabat-Zinn) have been featured on PBS in Bill Moyers' documentary, on Healing and the Mind, The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC's Dateline, ABC's Evening News and Chronicle programs, as well as in numerous research journals and articles in newspapers, magazines, and on-line.

Dr. Kabat-Zinns' book "Full Catastrophe Living" is highly recommended, as a adjunct to class.  
Saki Santorellis' text "Heal Thyself: Lessons on Mindfulness in Medicine" is also recommended, especially for  health care professionals.


When: The next MBSR class will begin in Fall of 2017. Please call or email to reserve your place. Typically, classes meet one night a week from 6-830 pm.  A one-day silent retreat is included between the 6th and 7th week of class.

Cost is $400 (Compare with classes in Austin - $500 or at the University of Massachusetts - $600).

For this price you receive:
  • 32 hrs of class, 
  • a work booklet (which we add to each week), and 
  • a set of CDs including a body scan, mindful movement (easy yoga), and guided sitting meditations.
Please contact us at vitalifeinsight@gmail.com or call 210-391-8000 to register.  Spaces are typically limited, but we have space for more for this class! Join us

*Reduced cost offered for military, veterans, and full time students.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Do I need a mantra?
Answer: A mantra is a word or phrase that one repeats to himself. 
This type of meditation does not use mantras. No mantra is needed.

:  What is meditation?
Answer:  Basically, meditation is focused attention. 

FAQ: How do you meditate?
Answer: By focusing your attention!  It is as easy as that, and as difficult as that!

FAQ: What do you focus attention on, during meditation?
Answer: The object of the meditation focus depends on the individual and his or her choices, as well as on the type of meditation practice they are engaged in.  During mindfulness meditation classes, we teach attendees several techniques they can use to focus their attention, such as focusing on sound, sight, thoughts, and emotions.

FAQ: Why is it sometimes referred to as 'insight' meditation?
Answer: During insight meditation, the basic idea is that one gains insight into ones' self and ones' own life during meditation practice.  This comes about quite naturally, with practice.

FAQ: I practice a particular faith, and I don't know if meditation is part of my faith.  Is this a problem?
Answer:  This is not a problem at all.  Meditation can be useful, regardless of the faith you practice.  It is a way to become more deeply acquainted with yourself, your life, and with your own beliefs. 

Read more at our blog:   http://vitalifeinsight.over-blog.com/
General Schedule:  

The eight week MBSR classes are taught in the San Antonio, TX area.  Classes are typically held during evening hours between 600pm - 930pm, with one all day class.  The cost is $400 per person for the 8-week training. 

One- and three-hour introductions to mindfulness and all day retreats are held periodically or can  be scheduled on request by organizations.

If you are interested in signing up for the next class, contact us via email at: vitalifeinsight@gmail.com or genergo@gmail.com or call 210-391-8000 and leave a message. 

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) of San Antonio
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   Mindfulness and Meditation




Meditation is powerful. During meditation, you learn to use the body's built-in healing and rejuvenation ability.

Meditation is hard...as during meditation one becomes intimate with oneself....and the meditator sees him or herself and the world as it really is. They see parts of themselves that most people don't want to know about ourselves, and learn to face it head-on.

Meditators see that we are whole even in the deepest sorrows that they have suffered or have caused others to suffer... and because they face it, live it and feel it, they begin to feel even more...

Meditators become tender, gentle, respectful, and honest. They find a 'different way'...and may find it necessary to withdraw from former pursuits, colleagues, or activities - if they are not truthful, helpful, and kind...not because they judge the others, but because that life just does not work for them any longer...

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